10.-18.9. late summer gathering in the food forest/Lower Sachsony

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    How does the forestgarden endure this dry summer? The gathering 10.-18.september would be a chance to mourne together for losses in the garden and celebrate the still green ones. Will there be some salad left like on the picture?

    Besides we can get active in gardening, watch and identify plants, insects and birds, discover usual and unusual edible woods and perennials and of course discuss non-garden-related stuff, make games and musik. The gardening activities are for example scything blackthorns, making the vegetable bed mice proof and harvesting fruits.

    Would you like to? We’re looking forward to seeing you. Even for one or two days you’re welcome!

    Here important things:
    * It is possible to come for the whole or part of the event. There are only a limited number of places, so we’ll ask you to pay a deposit to confirm your participation and save you a spot.
    * Covid is unfortunately not over, therefore hygiene measures are implemented and adapted according to the actual incidence in the region
    * Your own bike or car would be an advantage or you have to walk 8 km from the train station to the forest garden. If that’s a problem get in contact, we’ll surely find a solution
    * You must bring your own (sleepin-)tent and weatherproof work clothes. There’s flowing water in the garden but no electrical current, that’s in the office 6km away.
    * the food will be vegan and it’ll be coming from the forestgarden, dumpster or bought. If you’re having incompatibilities be welcome to mention these. If you want something very special you have to bring it or buy it in between.
    * The forestgarden is a profeminist shelter where boundaries must be respected. Everyone should be able to express their own identities and not be forced into any. Likewise there is no room for homophobia and racism. We are all responsible for making sure this is a safe place where diversity is embraced.
    * Unfortunately, the forest garden is not easily accessible, but if you let us know about any special needs, we will send you details.

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