1-Week Natural Building Extravaganza in Asheville, NC July 26-August 2, 2014

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    Hosted by Kleiwerks International at the Ashevillage Institute & Sanctuary in Asheville, NC
    The Natural Building Extravaganza (NBX) offers a comprehensive smorgasbord of hands-on workshops, classes, slideshows, field trips and special projects. Participants will learn how to create beautiful, affordable, natural dwellings using local clay, sand, straw, bamboo, and other abundant and salvaged materials.
    Hands-on projects
    • Wall systems: Cob, adobe, slipstraw, wattle & daub, and more
    • Oh, the glorious art of mixing and making with mud, quickly
    • Natural finishes: Earthen and lime plasters and paints
    • Fire systems: Wood-fired oven & Rumford Fireplace
    • Roofing: Connections, considerations & installation

    Theory & presentations
    • Community mud stories from around the world
    • Characteristics of natural materials & Mud 101
    • Natural engineering & structural integrity
    • Designing a Nest: Intuitive home design
    • Pro’s & con’s of various wall systems
    • Site selection & passive solar design
    • Basics of electricity & plumbing
    • Thermal mass & insulation
    • Foundations & drainage
    • Straw bale building
    • Earthen floors
    • Living roofs
    • And more

    For details and registration info visit https://ashevillage.org/natural-building-extravaganza/

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