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  1. tsgordon
    Café Kiva + Giant Steps Permaculture -Teaching youth how and why a nutrient-dense diet is critical for enjoying a long and healthful life.
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  2. Wild Apple Farm
    Wild Apple Farm
    Planting out a 30 year tree crop.
  4. Cameron Horner
    Cameron Horner Mirrabooka
    Hi there, I noticed via a forum page on composting toilets that you might be in Tasmania? We are too. Wondering what you did to get Council Approved? We are rural and want to get away from conventional septic systems. Any advice?
  5. katharina hirsch
    katharina hirsch
  6. katharina hirsch
    katharina hirsch
    For sale Sepp Holzer's largest Permaculture installation in.Dayton. 75 acres 2 houses 2cabins $578.000
  7. katharina hirsch
    katharina hirsch
    katharina hirsch. place of gathering
  8. James Campbell
    James Campbell
    Brand new permaculturalist and soon to be new land owner
  9. Samuel Riquelme
    Samuel Riquelme Shaelin Wood
    Hi Shaelin!
    Hope you can be part of our awesome team!
  10. Samuel Riquelme
    Samuel Riquelme
    need to talk with people interested into being part of a sustainable living research institute getting established here in Panama.
  11. Maverick Kaopio
    Maverick Kaopio
    Bless Bill; Just finished the Permaculture Design Certificate Course DVD
  12. Knulp
    Trying to get out of the city! Need permaculture projects to rely on.
  13. Arnaud
    Young french graduate aspiring to launch his own video-educational project who could inspire people to start their own sustainable projects
  14. bulent bulenttg
    bulent bulenttg
    I'm retired electrician electrical electromechanic subjects. Electric control boards Elevators,hydraulic lifts Machinery HVAC electrician
  15. Monkeyman68
    I am an American currently living in Thailand. I have been very interested in having a sustainable/natural/permaculture farm.
  16. ramdai
  17. SherbanG
    SherbanG Erik Wang
    Hi Erik, I'm looking for someone to share in a property somewhere in NSW Border Ranges, Byron hinterlands, QLD Darling Downs, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast hinterlands. I'd be wanting to raise organic dairy goats and chooks as well as Permie farming. I'd want 20+ rolling green acres for myself, as little below $200k as possible. Let me know if this interests you. SG
  18. Rhino
    If you build it ...
  19. Rhino
    Temporarily living in central coast California
  20. Yuritzi V
    Yuritzi V
    hola, yo tomé un PDC en la ecofinca Gaia Sophia , en Huasca, México con Tierra Martinez en Octubre de este año